Ordering Information

Sorry, but Wet Paint cannot be ordered online.  Instead, we ask that you call our toll-free order line at 800-325-3145.  This number will connect you directly to the Wet Paint order desk where a friendly assistant will guide you every step of the way.  Although many folks prefer to order products online these days, interacting with a skilled professional is the most practical way to purchase Wet Paint because of the large number of ordering & shipping combinations.  We think you’ll agree once you give our system a try.  Furthermore, the NEXT time you place an order, the experience will be even faster & easier because the information needed to zip the order directly to your doorstep will already be in our system.  Fact is, most repeat orders are completed in 60 seconds or less!  For the ultimate in speed, accuracy and security, call us TOLL-FREE today!

Individual Users
Wet Paint may be ordered by contacting us at 800-325-3145.  Items may be purchased individually or in case lots.  Payment & shipping options are as follows:

  • Prepaid – Check or money order
  • Credit Card – Visa / MasterCard / Discover
  • C.O.D. – Fees as established by UPS or USPS
  • Prices – As posted below
  • Shipping charges – To be determined at time of purchase

  • 8-oz. AIRosols $8.99 each or $75.00 in case lots of twelve (save $32.88!!!)

  • 32-oz. Refills $17.98 each or $75.00 in case lots of six (save 32.88!!!)

  • Combo-Paks $20.98 each or $87.60 in case lots of six (save $38.28!!!) Note: A Combo-Pak consists of one 32-oz. Refill and one empty AIRosol sprayer.

Wet Paint may be ordered by qualified dealers at substantial discounts. In order to qualify as a Wet Paint dealer you must:

1) Have a registered business name and Tax ID number and…

2) Be engaged in retail trade (auto parts stores, hardware stores, convenience stores, etc.) or… 

3) Use the product as part of a service being sold and taxed (car dealers, body shops, detail shops, etc.)

Please call our toll-free number 800-325-3145 to become registered as a Wet Paint Dealer.  We intentionally do not publish Dealer pricing information online in order to protect the confidentiality of established Dealers.  Several payment options available.  Minimum order: one case.  Shipping extra.

International Customers
To place an order, please call us at 218-685-4549.  You may also e-mail your request by clicking here.

Because Advanced Techniques, Inc. (the manufacturer) has no control over final product use, the manufacturer’s only obligation will be to replace products that prove defective upon initial use, provided the manufacturer’s label directions have been strictly adhered to. The manufacturer shall not be liable in tort or contract for any losses or damage incurred, whether direct, indirect or consequential.

If purchased from Advanced Techniques, Inc. (the manufacturer), defective merchandise may be returned for a full refund or credit. Merchandise may not be returned for any other reason without the written consent of the manufacturer.

Product will be shipped the most economical way unless directed otherwise by customer.