Michael Brown of Redding, California, sent us eight photos of his flaming hot 2010 Camaro along with the following comments:

You will notice that several of the photos are actually pictures of tree branches mirrored on the car’s finish.  Although not included here, the first time this happened was when I was at a car show and these photographers were trying to take a picture of my car for a T-shirt.  It was soooo shiny that most of what we saw were other cars in the show parked next to mine. The reflections were so distracting they totally ruined the pictures for the shirt!

The color is called Aqua Blue Metallic, a very limited color.  I added flames to the lower body panels and center section of the hood along with numerous other cosmetic touches.  Although I have used soapy water to remove bug & road goo on a couple of occasions, I have NEVER washed the rest of the car with water.  Since the day it came off the train the car has always been cleaned and polished with Wet Paint.  Although I don’t drive it in the rain…well hardly ever…water slides off the car effortlessly.

The car is much shinier than when new.  I wish I was a better night photographer.  If I could send you a few pictures of it in the evening (without my flash going off) it absolutely looks like the car has a sheet of glass on it.  It is truly amazing, more impressive even than the pictures of the tree branches.
Thanks for a great product!


Click on the image to see a larger view
Click on the image to see a larger view

Wet Paint is a product for the ages—all ages in fact.  This photo was submitted by a Florida octogenarian who recently discovered the 'fountain of youth' for his prize 2003 BMW 325i Sport Wagon.

"Steve, I am an 80-year old car guy and have been cleaning cars for a long while.  I am always looking for the best and easiest way to keep my cars clean.  Your WET PAINT is the only product I have found that will do the entire car without using water.  You can see the great results.  ---------- WOW----------"

Harry Crawford
Bradenton, Florida

(Note: Two days after sending this photo, Harry sent another message: "I thought that after the first coat of WET PAINT my '03 blue BMW looked good.  Yesterday, we had some light rain and the car was spotted.  So this morning, in approximately 3/4 of an hour, I put a second coat on the car.  UNBELIEVABLE!")

I just wanted to send quick greetings and say that you guys and gals have come up with the fastest and easiest way to get the ultimate shine out of any type of paint. I know you guys probably hear this a lot, but hey, it never hurts to hear more praise. I was very skeptical about using it on silver paint since there were only 1 or 2 similar colored cars (Eclipse and Corolla I think) on your web page. Both cars look pretty nice, but the way the photos were taken didn't show off how nice a job the Wet Paint Glaze really does. It's hard to capture, but I included a macro shot so the depth can sort of be seen.

I applied Wet Paint to 3 cars in roughly an hour with some breaks in between……a Honda Accord coupe (Silver), Chevy TrailBlazer (Black) and a Jeep Cherokee (Green). The Blazer and Jeep had neglected paint and have been through some pretty harsh Maine weather, but this product has brought them back to life. Anyway, cheers for such a great product. The ol' cars sure do love it! That's why I've been recommending it to everybody.

Jason U.
Gorham, ME
Click on the image to see a larger view
Click on the image to see a larger view

After sending a written testimonial some time back, Kevin Meyer of Swartz Creek, Michigan decided to back up his claims with a photo of this gorgeous 1964 Corvette Sting Ray. The picture pretty much speaks for itself, but in case you're interested, here's the text of Kevin's original letter.

The opening sentence is in reference to THE WET PAINT STORY located elsewhere on this site. "Wow! I could have written your story for you, verbatim. Reading it for the first time today gave me goosebumps, and this is after using the product for nearly a year. My new neighbor's truck was ten years old, black, and looked fantastic. Yet, I NEVER saw him wash it or wax it. How could this be? I have since resorted to the same simple method of recommending this product to my friends as he used on me. After a brief but effective demo, I give them a small amount to keep and use. I tell them, 'Come back when you love this stuff, and you will.' Only then will I sell them a bottle of their very own. AT COST! Isn't it ironic -- a product so good at what it does that the benefit of using it and sharing it with others is worth more than making a couple of bucks on top of your costs. Simply put, I am a SERIOUS, short time, TRUE BELIEVER!"

"I have been using Wet Paint Automotive Polishing Glaze for about four or five years now. I get a lot of compliments on my cars because of it." James W., National City, CA

Chip Saxton is the owner of a water-softening business here in Elbow Lake and the inventor of an ingenious automatic water filtration system that actually cleans itself according to a pre-set schedule.  As a result, the filter NEVER needs replacing!  In fact, two years ago we installed the industrial version of this system in our production facility and were ecstatic to see filter maintenance drop from “always” to “zero”.

Now, it so happens that Chip also owns a really cherry 1976 Chevy pickup.  When asked if we could photograph his ‘hotted-up’ beast for our website, Chip replied, “Certainly,” and dropped it off at our doorstep the following morning.  Unfortunately, the photos turned out so well that it became difficult to pick a winner; therefore, we decided to provide two pix for the price of none.  No, the paint on this decades-old Silverado isn’t original, but it’s been on the truck since before Chip bought it, and that was over seven years ago.  Besides, it really doesn’t matter when it was repainted because it surely never looked as good as it does now with its multiple layers of Wet Paint.  Great job, Chip!

Click on the image to see a larger view
Click on the image to see a larger view

“At the time this photo was taken, 'Black Beauty' had just celebrated her ninth birthday and was still kicking her heels like a young filly.  Instead of pampering her with expensive multi-step waxes & sealers though—products that often take hours to apply, not to mention the typical 24-hour curing time—this baby gets treated to a few ounces of Wet Paint whenever she’s in need of washing.  Notice how the side of the car appears more green than black?  Only a product with the brightening power of Wet Paint could produce tree & grass reflections this intense.  And check out the driveway paving stone reflections bouncing off the lower body panels and rear bumper fascia.  Having owned the car since day one, I can tell you that it didn’t look this new when it WAS new!

Steve Leis
Elbow Lake, MN


These “BEFORE & AFTER” photos were sent to us by Angela Parker of Edinburgh, Scotland.  The following words are from the e-mail that accompanied Angie’s photos, and keep in mind, you’re looking at another 9-year old car: “I thought you might like to see what I did with Wet Paint.  I believe I mentioned before that my car is 9 years old and a bit tired looking.  The weather here in Scotland is terrible but I did find some time between gale force winds and absolute downpours to take the job in hand.  As you can see, the dirt was fairly heavy, so I used a little bit more of the product, but surprisingly not that much more.  This was done by hand, but next time will try it with the buffing machine.  Yes, the difference is quite marked, isn’t it?  I have to say that I may have even been a bit haphazard in it's application due to it being about to rain, but all in all I was quite pleased with the outcome.”

Click on the image to see a larger view
"I have used your product for a couple of years. Everyone I introduce it to is so overtaken by its ability to shine so beautifully and quickly…most of the time without using a drop of water." Gordon S., New Richland, MN
Click on the image to see a larger view

The current owner of this 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse requested that we not publish her name or address.  She was, however, eager to share the following thoughts regarding a recent discovery: “I’m really impressed with the ‘wet look’ your product produces…something I thought would be next to impossible on a light-colored car.  I also like the job it does on glass and the way rain disappears from the windshield when driving down the highway.  One morning last week, I went to the garage after driving home in rain the previous day.  Except for some road film along the bottom, the car looked almost as clean as it did the day before.  Well done, guys!  I wish your product were easier to find in stores though so I could recommend it to more of my friends.”  Thanks for the kind words, ‘Dakota’.  Sorry about the ‘unavailability’ thing, but please feel free to recommend our TOLL-FREE number to all your friends.  That way, we can ship Wet Paint directly to their doorstep.

This photo was submitted by Gary I. of Minneapolis, MN. Gary says, "My 1990 Dodge Colt looks better than the day I bought it new; and the only time I ever wash it is during winter when the roads are full of salt."
Click on the image to see a larger view

"Since moving to South Carolina, every day I see people washing cars and polishing everything they possess. Water is used by the ton; time is wasted…all the reasons that your product should be promoted down here. I have never washed my car since coming here. I have used nothing but your product and it is always clean." C. V. G., Aiken SC

Click on the image to see a larger view

Believe it or not, this is a reflection from the roof of a 1998 Mercedes.  Henry Gessler of London, England submitted the photo along with a short letter explaining how drab the paint was before from frequent automatic car washings.  According to Henry, “it was badly in need of TLC”.  This picture was taken after the car had received its third coat of Wet Paint.  Here’s what else Mr. Gessler had to say: “The enclosed ‘map’ show that the results are quite acceptable, wouldn’t you say?  And quicker & cheaper than a hand wash.  (Machines used to leave the car looking sandpapered!)  Also, quicker than mowing my lawn with a power mower.  I shall time it next ‘wash’ and if I beat 10 minutes, I’ll e-mail you.  Mercedes-Benz could learn from this!”  (Note: We’re sorry to say, but Henry never did crack the 10-minute barrier.  On the other hand, using Wet Paint is a lot more fun than mowing the lawn!)

"I recently became acquainted with a product of yours–Wet Paint. We spend our winters in Texas and I met a man there who was polishing his van with Wet Paint. The van was so slick a fly couldn’t land on it! With three cars and a motor home to take care of I would like to get some of this wonderful product." R. L. H., Decatur, IL

Nick Punnett of Las Vegas, NV submitted this photo of his pet ‘goat’ along with these unabashed words of praise: “I discovered your product around '89 or '90 from a vendor booth at a car show in northern CA.  I had recently finished restoring a ‘65 GTO for myself for show.  The black paint was not urethane; rather I had had success using a softer modified acrylic enamel I used on show cars.  Didn't have the hardness and durability of urethane, but color-sanded and buffed to an exceptional gloss and finish.  I used a large number of waxes and polishes trying to find one that didn't leave streaks or smudges on the unforgiving soft black finish.  After finding Wet Paint, I have used it exclusively for 14 years on the same black paint I laid down in 1988.  No smudging or streaking and the gloss is amazing on 14-year old paint.  Admittedly, it is a pampered show car, but it still shows very well.  Last week, after a coat of Wet Paint, it took 2nd place in the best paint category at a large local show.  It's the best product I have found.  I am reordering right after I send this e-mail.  Thanks!”  Nice work, Nick!  We’re not trying to sound boastful, but perhaps a coat of our new formula Wet Paint will help make up the difference between 1st and 2nd place.

Click on the image to see a larger view
Click on the image to see a larger view

Thanks for making such an amazing product. This 2008 Royal Blue Pearl Honda Accord is my first car and this is my first time using Wet Paint. I was so amazed at how much the car shined in my dimly lit garage that I decided to put on a second coat right away and the results were beyond words. The car is only about 9 months old, but never shined this much. Thanks again!!!

Steve Nguyen,
New Holland, PA

L.F. of Flower Mound, Texas, sent this photo along with the following comments: “Short story—my brother-in-law owns an aftermarket auto promotions company and represented Meguiar's products for many years.  I think it’s a great line and no doubt you can get fantastic results, plus I had an inside track.  I eventually settled on 5 different products and would basically set aside an entire weekend a couple of times a year to detail my ’02 F250.  With your product, the result is as good or better as I’ve ever gotten, but with one product in only two hours.  That is very impressive!  Ironically, another relative (an uncle) is the person responsible for turning me on to Wet Paint.  He recommended that I try it on my 2010 Toyota 4Runner, which is shown here.  The shine was nice to begin with … but not quite this nice.”

Message to L.F. – That’s not a shine, dude; that’s a mural on the side of your 4Runner.  Awesome!

Click on the image to see a larger view
Click on the image to see a larger view
This '57 Chevy is owned by Mark Zakoski of Moosic, Pennsylvania. Mark spent three years modifying and restoring this beautiful classic, and his father, Hank, did the paint and body work. The flames were sprayed in various Lite Interference shades that change color depending on the viewing angle. Hank says, "We use WET PAINT on this car exclusively. All exterior surfaces including wheel openings and undercarriage are cleaned and protected with WET PAINT."

Although the sun wasn’t in the proper position to reveal the extraordinary depth and shine of this beauty, check out the “leaf reflections” on the lower portions of the door and rocker panel.  Not many cars are capable of reflecting leaf images from such a distance!

"I saw your product at a friend’s house when I visited her in Iowa. When I returned home to look for Wet Paint for my new car, I couldn’t find it anywhere! I would normally go out and buy the second best product, but I can’t. All the auto waxes and polishes I’ve looked at aren’t nearly as good as yours." Ali F., Monroe, NE

Rob Kovalik of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada submitted this photo of his wife's dark blue Honda CR-V. Along with the photo came an 18-page evaluation of Wet Paint!!! Rob has tested dozens of products over the years, including products intended for professional use only. What follows is a small portion of the many good things he had to say about Wet Paint: "My wife's blue Honda CR-V looks like a pool of water! This is the easiest product I have used and the brightest shine I have seen. Definitely a concours capable product! It can be used as a wax, a quick detailer, a glass cleaner and a rim polish. This is a very versatile product that just works."

Robb rated Wet Paint’s performance from 1-10 in the following categories: SHINE = 10, DEPTH = 8, APPLICATION EASE = 10, DRYING TIME = 10, REMOVAL EASE = 10, COST EFFECTIVENESS PER APPLICATION = 9, APPLICATOR = 10, SMELL = 8.  Altogether, Wet Paint received 75 out of a possible 80 points and a big “thumbs-up” from Robb.  Not bad at all, but it looks like we’d better get to work on the five points we missed.

(Note: In April of 2005, Wet Paint was reformulated for the 13th time.  Judging from the reaction it received from professional auto detailers, we believe we met our design goal of increased paint depth & gloss.  In addition, Wet Paint is now easier to wipe off than ever.  This begs the question: Is it possible to achieve a score of “11” in the category REMOVAL EASE?

Click on the image to see a larger view
Click on the image to see a larger view

"To say that I am impressed with your product is the understatement of the decade!  Normally, light colored cars, like my significant other's '03 Toyota Corolla, just don't REFLECT very well, but Wet Paint has proven that 'dead wrong'.  (See enclosed photo.)  As for using it on glass, well, it just seems to disappear.  WOW!!

After achieving spectacular results on the Corolla, I decided to use Wet Paint on my '04 Honda Accord.  Again, the outcome speaks for itself.  And all this with only one coat!  Can I do a second coat immediately or do I need to wait?  If so, how long should I wait?

Thank you for a product that actually exceeds expectations.  Wet Paint is truly a breath of fresh air in the 'I'm best' world of automotive shine products.  Can I buy stock in your company?  Thank you."

The preceding comments and photos were sent to us by Rick Ford, who hails from Cedar Park, Texas.  Rick is an avid polish enthusiast (dare we say perfectionist) who doesn’t lavish words of praise unless he really means it.  Rick was particularly blown away by Wet Paint’s ability to get the job done without using a single drop of water—unless the vehicle is caked with mud or clay, of course.  This feature will come in particularly handy as Rick gets set to launch a new auto detailing business.  Thanks, Rick, and feel free to add that second coat whenever the mood strikes!  P.S. – Sorry to say, but all Company stock is in private hands.  Translation: We know a good thing when we see it too.  [wink!]

"I have just seen the results of your product ‘Wet Paint’ applied to a 1981 red Toyota pickup–Absolutely Amazing!" Don R., Yuma, AZ
Kari Larson of Warroad, MN let us take this photo of her PT Cruiser when she stopped by one day.  This is part of what she had to say: “I was amazed at how Wet Paint can even make a NEW car shinier.  Now, it’s like I’m looking at a colored mirror!”
Click on the image to see a larger view
"Yesterday, I picked up my new car at the Pontiac dealership. They told me they would clean and wax the car before I picked it up. Guess what? They spent two hours cleaning and waxing my car. When I got home, there was all kinds of rag dust and 'fuzzies' on the surface so I gave the car its first coat of Wet Paint. Every time I use your product I love it more. No rag dust -- the car just looks richer in shine and color. Thanks again for your fast and courteous service. Very HAPPY customer!" Tom A.; North English, IA.
To the makers of Wet Paint Glaze:

I just tried your product for the first time yesterday and I was pretty impressed with the results initially.  I left it and then returned this morning to find my car absolutely DRENCHED in gloss. To be honest, I had really high expectations of your product and those expectations were definitely met.  My friend was skeptical because he said that the testimonials on the site sounded mostly like salesmen, so here's a down to earth testimonial!

Attached are two pictures. One is a hood shot showing how well the water beads and another one of the backside of my car which has turned into a mirror.

(Name withheld by request)
Sugar Land, TX
Click on the image to see a larger view
Click on the image to see a larger view
Charles Hurley of San Diego, California is the 3rd owner of this 'cherry' 1996 Dodge Intrepid ES. Charles has made a number of modifications to the car since buying it, including 'tanning its hide' with several coats of Wet Paint. In Charles own words: "Believe it or not, I have not washed this car in almost six months. I have used Wet Paint on all my cars since 1992. It gives the car an exceptionally deep shine and makes the finish very smooth." Incidentally, Charles was so pleased with the way his car turned out that he dedicated an entire web-site to his pride and joy. Visit the site
Paul from Pembroke Pines, Florida sent us four dazzling photos of his prize Honda Accord that were taken last March. Also included was this ringing product endorsement:

"I just wanted to drop you folks a note of appreciation! I just finished cleaning my 2006 Nighthawk Black Pearl Honda Accord with Wet Paint and I am still amazed at how well your product works!!! I've been using Wet Paint since February and it just keeps on getting better. I was a little skeptical at first that WP could do everything as promised, but it keeps on impressing me. Here's a couple of pictures of my Black Beauty. Keep up the good work!"

We should be saying the same to you, Paul…and by the way, your car looks incredible! Sorry we weren't able to run all four photos, but if THIS shot doesn't drive the point home, nothing will. And you say it just keeps getting better? Wow!
Click on the image to see a larger view